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Thursday - Mergozzo to Deiva Marina

Thursday, 23rd June

Mergozzo - Genova - Deiva Marina

We had chosen the 'no breakfast' option when booking.  As Aimee settled the bill I was doing the one load down the stairs routine, was heavy and I was sweating already at 9am as I packed the bike up.

Off we went back along the route we came from, after a little disagreement.  But this time I was Aimee  ;)

Err...That one! (Ci, Ci, Focaccia Graci!)

Through a toll barrier on the Autostrade we stopped off at a station where I reluctantly practiced some Italian as Aimee sat and smirked.  She knew I was feeling uncomfortable, this motivated me to make the most of it, and become the Italian version of Basil Fawlty.  I freaked out however when Aimee decided to order something different and less simple. Aimee kindly stepped in to order her Focaccia and I ordered mine with our drinks.

We decided not to stop until we hit Genova, about 70miles away.  After miles of sitting at speeds I dont want to get into... The bike purring away, tunnel vision and the hurricane like wind buffeting us.  Eventually Aimee nudged me to slow down.  Sign after sign the kilometres to Genova were reducing steadily, I quickly checked the speedometer for a quick km to miles conversion.  Stopped off for a leg stretch before we hit Genova.  There were a family taking pictures, so Aimee offered to take a picture of the family unit.  Had a chat and we moved on.

Motoring at some speed with those Italian bridges where the road is broken up by the annoying metal strips/grids.  Every 2 seconds, the bike slumps and wobbles....then I see a read light!  Red lights aint good, especially when there is an 'oil' symbol lit up in this strange colour.  Confused I back off on the throttle, oil light flickers off but come back on after 10 minutes.  It isnt a real worry, we just need to stop for 10 W 40 Semi Synthetic Oil to top the Ace up.  The Thunderace is known to burn a little oil, and the mileage we have done fully loaded I wasnt that surprised the oil needed topping up!

We come into Genova and stop at a toll barrier, these barriers can be confusing.  The barrier previously they issue you with a ticket.  Arriving at the barriers leaving the toll road you insert the ticket followed by your credit card.  Done!

Genova - Don't leave your bike unattended! 

Entering Genova, we meander through the twists and tunnels we eventually hit the busy city with a Port backdrop.  Full of scooters and beeping cars,  I didnt mind riding in this chaos, the flow is surprising and comforting.  We stop near a car park and ask a local where the hotels are.  He spoke to Aimee in Italian saying "Do not leave the bike or bags unattended, they will be stolen.  And the hotels are near the aquarium".

We find a hotel but Aimee was unsettled by the local gentlemans comments.  I reluctantly agree and we set off further south along the coast to find another town.  This was to be the best decision this day!

Sweeping through tunnels and over valleys, the towns from this height looks very inviting.  The tunnels were long and gave me the chance to appreciate the sound of the Ace, where the optimum sound is achieved at 4,000 rpm.

We actually miss the planned destination and decide to make the next right which would take us to Deiva Marina.

Deiva Marina

The twists and downhill slopes here were wonderful.  The trees and valley in the foreground as we ventured further.  As the road settled we entered the beginnings of a town which we passeed through quickly and entered a seaside area.  Aimee hopped off and asked the first hotel for the prices, we moved on to see if there were any more hotels.  We then found the sea, and a bridge with plenty of hotels in sight.  We decided on crossing the bridge, parking up and trying the hotel 'Lido'.  Aimee returned with EUR120 including breakfast, I was happy, Aimee was happy... We unpacked and entered the hotel to be greeted I assume were the husband and wife who seemed stuck with one word 'Bonjorno'.  Everytime I would pass, an attentive "Bonjorno" would pass the lips even if they had to jump up and leave another room... "Bonjorno".  This folks is what you call "service".
Again, we starfish for a while!  I have a quick shower and we go off for a wander.  We notice a river bed with a bonfire and wooden effergy with kids running arround throwing bits of wood on it - curious!  Aimee spots an Emu walking around 'doing things', no seriously... An Emu in Italy raoming about a Tuscan riviera... We decided to call it Jack.

It didnt take us long to walk aroud the village to end up with Jack.  Walked to the beach and had a 'toasted' thing.... Why do Italians like toasting the shit out of everything?
Headed back to the room for a chill out,  Bonjourno!! Bonjourno!! Came the vioces of the attentive staff.  Aimee chills out on the bed while I go and fill up the oil some more to be sure.

Peering Pressure

I make a funnel from an empty water bottle, and while setting up an Italian biker decides to watch me.  This I dislike, trying to ignore the man I spill oil all over the casing and floor....the gentleman leaves, it would seem I satisfied his lust to watch a fellow biker make an arse out of himself.  Or maybe I stroked his 'see someone less mechanically competent than me' mechanical ego.  Anyway, cleaned up the oil and get back to the room to chill until feeding time!

Teatime! (no, Aimee... Not Dinner!)

We get dressed and head out to hunt for food!  We stumble upon a Ristorante called Hotel Clelia.  Very busy and antique looking room, we are seated and order our food.  Ordering just water, not wine with food always brings awkward faces with queston.
The steak is nice, but Aimee finds a leg of some sort in her food.  We contemplate if it is a cockroach leg or not.  Brought to the attention the waiter looks shocked and takes it to the kitchen, leg is identified as a Prawn leg.  They kindly deduct the meal from the bill, much to the annoyance of the cashier whom I think is the mother of the owners.  They always have too much to say don't they...

On the walk back we walk along the river to see Jack and find a crowd gathering, this bonfire turns out to be a John the Baptist Festival.  There is a band passing by behind us as we look at the unlit sticks and still people running around the huge pile of wood.  An Italian group gossiping next to us about how the locals who use the camp site are alot messier and dirtier than the foreigners... Wow, I think this is an online process of spreading worthless gossip...(shudder).  People becoming bored at this unlit fire, so we walk down to the bridge which is closer to our hotel. Nothing happening and the breeze is cold so we head back to the hotel after 10 minutes more of waiting.  Bonjourno!! Bonjourno!!  As we pass the reception to the room.

We relax and sleep!  Tomorrow....where ever, but somewhere south!

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