Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Introduction and Summary

This trip was about bringing back my mistress to Malta, a 1000cc Yamaha Thunderace and an adventure holiday for both Aimee and I.  I did have doubts whether she would make the whole 1,600 Miles to Rome given her age and because of a leaky rocker housing gasket (not a big issue...but an issue).

By writing about each day, hopefully others thinking of doing the same can enjoy a similar holiday with the knowledge that it can be done with relative ease.

Leaving Malta

Leaving Malta for the Isle of Man my laptop wireless card decided to 'give up the ghost' leaving me at Midnight without any maps or details.

Enjoyed the grunts from the bus drivers and funny looks from airport security we were on the Isle of Man via Gatwick before we knew it.


Leaving the Isle of Man

Leaving the green lush Isle of Man was easier than expected to be honest.  The exciting GPS'less and mapless journey ahead was overpowering over all manner of emotions.


Before I go any further a big thanks goes out to Paul, Karen and Jennifer for being so good.  Looking after the bike for over a year.  I really appreciate your help!!

This is a brief summary of the journey:

Monday, 20th June
Leave the Isle of Man on the SeaCat, Arrive in Liverpool then journey to Hull.

Tuesday, 21st June
Arrive in Zebrugge via the overnight ferry from Hull.  Travel through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, touching Germany and into Switzerland.

Wednesday, 22nd June
Leave Basel in Switzerland, stop in Luzern before heading across the Alps part 1.  Stop in Brigg before heading over the Alps part 2 entering Italy

Thursday, 23rd June
Leave Mergozzo, and head for Genova our planned phase.  But ended up further down the coast in a beautiful little riviera with some very strange goings on.

Friday, 24th June
Leave Deiva Marina and head to Livorno but decided to stay again in a little town rather than a large busy city.

Saturday, 25th June
Leave Castiglione Della Pescaia get lost in Grosseto while heading for Orbetello for an icecream.  Then progress to Civitavecchia for the Ferry.

Sunday, 26th June
Onboard the most boring ferry ever...probably.

Monday, 27th June
Arrive in Malta.  And we are reminded with brutal realisation that we are in fact in Malta.

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